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My favorite word is resilience

Being an international in Finland and being employed - those two do not easily go hand by hand. However, Finnish universities and organizations provide a handful of various programs, trainings and events to help immigrant with a successful cultural integration. A good example of these is an event organized by Tamy on November 8th where Natalia took part as a keynote speaker and one of the panelists. “Get a Job” or Insights to international students’ employment in Finland has gathered a serious crowd at New Factory.

Natalia, as TUT alumni, young entrepreneur and municipal elections candidate, has shared her point of view on the issues. She talked about Tampere as an innovation district of the future, resilience as a basis to successful employment, entrepreneurship as a tool for self-actualization, crisis as a path to creativity and failing as a key to unlock new opportunities.

Inspiring students, talents and internationals and passing experiences onto others is one of the key missions Natalia pursues. There is no a single recipe by following which you may be successfully employed. However, Natalia has shared her strong point on how to stand out in the competitive market as a talent: be bold, call and visit the companies, make an effort to learn Finnish language, stay resilient to whatever changes come on the way and be sure you love what you do. And of course, may SISU be with you!

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