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Urbanism - a city that’s compact, sustainable and happy!



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Finnish cities are some of the best places of the world to live in. One of the biggest reasons is that Finland has beautiful landscapes, modern infrastructure and excellent services. Tampere is a good example of this. However, when the city grows, it's important to have a good strategy in place. 

Nowadays Tampere needs bold solutions which can improve the life of the citizens. At the same time, we need to ensure that our city planning is sustainable for the new generations. Therefore, I advocate for three things in the city: Dense, sustainable and happy city. 

  • A dense city means that we plan and build an environment that has diverse transport options, for example: walking, bicycle, bus and trams. Cars are also important, but should be only there were public transport is not possible. 

  • A sustainable city means that we provide services and stores in the first floor of buildings, that we create child friendly services, a clean environment and safe transport options. These things follow a big trend where young families are choosing to live in the city center. 

  • A happy city is that one which has policies that enable the participation of citizens in the planning of the city. This participation will bring a diversity of events into the city, and will allow the participation of citizens with different ethnic backgrounds.


Entrepreneur - striving to lift the city out of unemployment.



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The welfare state needs entrepreneur  They are the drive for innovation and they are an important step for job creation and economic supporters for Tampere. At the same time the innovation they bring innovation boost the country's competitiveness, research and development, and create new areas of training.

Currently, Tampere has good programs in place to promote entrepreneurship, but these are not enough. Because of this the following are specific targets that I promote:

  • Creation of programs that improve the start-up business and that provide expertise to them.

  • The creation and development of environments or spaces where entrepreneurs, international expertise, and technology industry experts can grow together. 


Internationalization - International expertise by the inclusion of immigrants.



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Some of the first foreigners that came to Tampere contributed to the development of the city. James Finlayson and Wilhelm Von Nottbeck built beautiful factories along the rapids, which benefited the creation of jobs. Nowadays, 15 000 foreigners live in Tampere.


International expertise is a great contributor to the local economy. Therefore we are in a moment where we need to move the internationalization of Tampere to the next level and become part of the Nordic region whose attracting foreign expertise and adding international vibe to the city.


Nowadays, we live in a situation in which immigrants are lacking opportunities to express themselves, and, for example, to get training for specific jobs. Therefore, I would like to strengthen and promote the social, political and economic inclusion of immigrants. Three examples are:


  • Allow immigrants to transition faster to the working life.

  • Encourage the creation of policies that attract and retain foreign know-how.

  • Promote programs that allow companies to hired and discover the valuable expertise of foreigners.

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